It is clear that no matter where you look United States, Greece, Africa or Spain, the current systems are not working in terms of providing jobs, access to quality services such as health and education or stable environment. The way forward requires new paradigms that harness collective solutions and maximize the strengths of different sectors – non-profits, social enterprises, corporations and governments and other entities– are required to address the complex problems faced by the world today. In EXPANDING THE PIE, Susan Rae Ross offers new approaches that can be beneficial to businesses as well as society, thus, expanding the pie for everyone.

The book reviews 46 successful partnership case studies that identifies:

  • Benefits and challenges of these partnerships
  • Factors that motivate NGOs and businesses to engage with each other
  • Assets that NGOs and corporations bring to these partnerships
  • Who to partner with, when to partner, and for how long.

Lastly, the author provides a decision-making framework, with key questions and tools, to assist managers in selecting partners and designing, implementing and evaluating effective partnerships between NGOs and businesses.

What People are Saying about Expanding the Pie

“Businesses can share common goals, even if their intents are different. Expanding the Pie is a discussion of business partnership between these many different avenues of business and how partnerships can form throughout them, and what must be understood within these cross-intent unions. A strongly recommended pick for business management reference collections, Expanding the Pie is not to be overlooked.” — James A. Cox, Wisconsin Bookwatch, July 2012 , Midwest Book Review

“Expanding the Pie provides compelling rationale for the essential social sector/NGO-corporate partnerships so critical to the successful organization, indeed to the community of the future” —
Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO , Leader to Leader Institute.

Expanding the Pieā€¦ presented an interesting approach to combining NGO interests with those of corporations. The resulting symbiotic relationships can provide great marketing opportunities for corporations while greatly accelerating the missions of participating NGOs.” – William Ramsey , Economics and Business Journal

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  1. Lenin Khan says:

    Expanding the Pie gives a quick start for the partnership practitioners. The organization of the book, the language, the case studies- everything is well catered to the experts as well as the newbies! It’s a must-read for all those who engages in development work seeking for sustainable mechanism by offering win-win opportunity!

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